Brave Ecstatic Woman Quotient Quiz

You have found the perfect dress for you. This dress makes you feel like the most ecstatic version of yourself (if only you were brave enough to wear it). What color is the dress?

Of all of your senses, your sense of ______________ is the strongest.

You are planning a party to celebrate YOU! What kind of party is it?

If you had the courage and the resources to go on your dream vacation by yourself, you would go to _________.

Your dream solo getaway is _________.

It seems that when your body is NOT as strong as usual, it’s your ______________ that acts up. (not all conditions in each answer apply. Choose the most correct answer).

You surprisingly find yourself having a rare stormy, winter day with absolutely nothing to do. How do you spend the day? (P.S. No TV, internet, phone or any other distractions.)

If you ask your best friends, they would say that these are the attributes that best describe you…